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» Dissecting & Ligature Forceps
» Splinter Forceps
» Toothed Dissecting Forceps
» Delicate Disecting Forceps
» Serrated Dissecting Forceps
» Haemostats Forceps
» Dressing Forceps
» Sponge Holding Forceps
» Towel Clamps
» Tongue Depressors
» Needle Holders
» Micro Needle Holders
» TC Needle Holders
» Dissectors
» Probes
» Trocars
» Self Retaining Retractors
» Retractor
» Hand Held Retractors
» Intestinal Clamps
» Cholecyctectomy & Gall Stone Forceps
» Gall Duct Probes
» Cholecystectomy & Gall Stone
» Vaginal Speculum
» Vaginal Retractor/Uterine Dilators
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» Haemorrhoidal Syringes
» Proctology Haemorrhoidal Igators
» Sigmoidoscopy Biospy
» Sigmoidoscopy
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» Obstertrics instruments
» Uterine Cannulae
» Cervical Biopsy Forceps
» Ovum Forceps
» Mallets
» Osteotomes Chisels & Gouges
» Bone Scoops
» Raspatories
» Bone Levers
» Elevators
» Amputation Instruments
» Suction Tubes
» Atrauma Cardiovasular Forceps
» Atrauma Bulldog Clamps
» Rib Spreaders
» Bone & Rib Shears
» Plaster Cast Removal Instruments
» Bone Cutting Forceps
» Disc Rongeurs
» Bone Rongeurs
» Bone Holding Forceps
» Tunneling Set
» Vascular Dilators
» Dilators
» Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps
About Us

NST Zone was established with a mission to provide our valued clients with impeccable service in the field of advance and update, finest quality hand crafted Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Align with our team of professionals; we always strive for a Full satisfaction of a customer which is necessary for long terms business relations. We are also continuously developing new products, upgrading our instruments in all possible ways through technological enhancements and investigating under improved methods.

We are a company that sets high standards. Our growth has come from offering an unparalleled variety of innovative, high-quality products and services resulting from the dedication of our employees.

Full satisfaction of a customer is necessary for long terms business relations. We are committed to establish a life long partnership with all of our customers. Our commitment to quality, based on our continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process has placed us at par with international standards, while maintaining very competitive prices.

Having genuine passion of manufacturing precise surgical instruments, we have traveled three decades on the road of experience. Our professional managerial commitment and dedication these all elements were behind over success story. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition several large medical institutions, hospitals and importers are regularly sourcing their requirements through our up mark services. Today, we are catering to demands of international market with the same efficiency and ability with top level customer satisfaction.

Our experience in manufacturing surgical instruments has been built up our confidence level. We are technically presenting the highest quality Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments by using best grade material monitoring through out all production process.

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